How to Stay Safe When Using a Fireplace in Your Home

Winter fires warm the home with sophistication and style. Fireplaces create cozy homes and comfortable families. Fireplaces are also dangerous if they’re not properly cared for. That’s why it’s so important to know how to stay safe and take the measures necessary to protect your home and family. It’s not so difficult once you learn the steps.

Install a Chimney Liner

A chimney liner improves air flow in the fireplace, reducing risks of a fire in the chimney.  The liner also improves exhaust combustion, which also further reduces the risk of fires. You’ll also notice the chimney is less dirty and needs cleaning less often when a liner is being used.

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Burn the Right Wood

Do not throw just anything that will burn into the fireplace. Be sure that you also use dried out kindling or wood in the fireplace. This burns safely, produces less odor, and reduces the risk of a chimney or house fire.

Clean the Chimney Often

This is a DIY job is you want it to be, but professionals can also come out and clean the chimney. This is an essential task that removes creosote and other debris from the chimney, reducing risks that it will catch fire.

Schedule Professional Service

An annual chimney inspection maryland removes creosote and other dangerous soot and debris from the chimney.  It is a valuable service that every chimney user needs. The technician can also identify any type of damage or needed repairs before they cause trouble in the house.

Burn Small Fires

Small fires are cozy, comfortable, and safer than a large fire burning in the fireplace. A small fire also reduces risks that a fire will catch in the chimney.  Whenever possible, keep the fires in the fireplace small and cozy.

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