Double The Workload But Less The Effort

You dare mention an alternative industry, but perhaps it could be said that the hardy farmer of old remains one of the most industrious of them all. It is in his blood to go farming and times of hardship and drought are not about to let him give up. Not, at least, until such time that he has tried every exhaustible means in the book. But these days, the modern small-scale to industrial scale farmer can hardly put a foot wrong. You only need to take a closer look at the tools he now has at his disposal. One such example will be that of the double bale hay spear.

double bale hay spear

In fact, some might wish to venture calling it a triple bale hay spear because this spear actually has three points. So, three times the workload then. But still very much less the effort. The work that it takes twenty laborers to complete in a day, could now take a mere couple of hours, all through the use of a single hay spear. It is less labor-intensive than ever before. Not just the hay spear and a variety of other implements that the hardy farmer will never be leaving the barn without.

But the entire farming industry. Generally speaking, farming work remains one of the most cost-intensive industries in which a resourceful man or woman’s hands can be dirtied. Yes, the girls are going farming too these days. And how much easier work that would have been backbreaking has become for them. As a smallholding farmer, you consider the purchase of this and other required implements a good investment to be making indeed.

And you do not need to be a rocket scientist, never mind a hardy farmer, to operate one of these devices.

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